Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My New Fitness Journey For Life Blog

I have spent the last 7 months conquering a 32 year, pack a day, cigarette smoking habit and I can happily say that I have succeeded!  Yay for me!!   I am now cigarette and nicotine patch free forever!  

So now I am going to get my health and my body back!  I have gained 30 pounds since I quit smoking!!  Yikes!! I know that is bad..... but I don't want to discourage any smokers out there from quitting because they are afraid they will gain weight.  There is no need to gain weight!!  I was just lazy and lacked willpower to quit snacking on goodies!  If you work out and watch what you eat while you are quitting smoking you probably will not gain any weight at all.  

Well......back to my goal now.......getting my health and weight under control.  I am starting out at........oh this is hard!! 175 lbs!  Wow, looks worse in writing!  (Also, looks worse in the picture)  Below is my before picture from last weekend!  Memorial Day BBQ 2011.  I want to get back to a healthy 140 lbs.  130 would be even better but I don't want to push my luck.  

I am competitive and also need some encouragement and goals or I will lose my focus and quit.  I know how I am!  When you get as old as me you just know how it will end up!  So, I decided to start this blog and see if I can find any online friends to go on this journey with me. :)

I would like to start with slowly exercising and eating better.  I am going to make this a daily journal/log type of thing.  So I will post daily about my workout, eating/diet, whatever during the day.  I would love to have some friends join along.  You can post your goals, tips whatever you like in the comments section.  

Welcome! I hope you would like to follow along on this journey for better health with me!!